Nowmovement is proposing a new approach in this new “social architecture”. Using crowd knowledge, it will cause a reorientation in the relationship we have to information and the environment, and cause a paradigm shift that would:

* Enable us to develop better strategies for critical thinking

* Facilitate creativity & innovation for sustainable solutions

* Equip us to anticipate and rapidly adapt to change

Over the next few months, we are going to roll out a series of initiatives that will outline potential frameworks for making this happen.


Using AR it allows visitors to directly influence, play with and manipulate carbon sources…


How can we use AR to bring emotion and understanding to people? This is a good example of the power of experience. As seen on BBC News and created for the stunning Atmosphere interactive gallery at the Science museum, this is a benchmark Augmented Reality (AR) installation that encourages visitors to explore what makes up and affects the Earth's carbon cycle. By interacting with a...