The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. – Einstein

The massive acceleration in technological change will lead to changes in kind beyond imagining.

The Social Singularity Group believes that social shifts in combination of radical technology acceleration will lead to an unimagineable era. And in any technological singularity, certain kinds of social changes could dramatically influence the nature of our post-singularity existence.

Our mission is to build a strong smart net, a network or community that brings ideas, trends and technology together in order to make this world a better place through innovation.

Singularity alone has major problems that arise not only from the technical feasibility of artificial intelligence, but also philosophical problems concerning the entire notion of exponential growth in technology. In addition to this, regardless of whether we will eventually have an artificial intelligence singularity, the social intelligence explosion is coming considerable faster so as to render AI singularity of secondary importance.

The social singularity in which we have real-time information (for example Aardvark and Quora) networking between individuals, we will be looking at a massive explosion in the utility of information.  Imagine that you could get an answer to any of your questions from the best expert in your field in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

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The NowMovement principles are based on 3 main concepts to :

* Social media is fundamentally changing the human experience.
* The world is increasing in complexity.
* We are experiencing accelerating change in technology and social awareness.

  1. Social media is fundamentally changing the human experience.

We can all agree that social media technologies are here to stay,  it’s a new form of communication. Those of us who actively participate in online environments understand that there is a shift underway, and tomorrow’s leaders will be the ones who know how to leverage the new social ecology. Every sector is trying to figure out how to integrate the platforms to serve their particular purposes, but the deeper message is that this is becoming a pervasive social technology that is changing everything about how we live, both in work and in play.

  1. The world is increasing in complexity.

The world is not becoming more complicated but we do need to find the evolving role we’re all playing in becoming a node in a complex adaptive system in order to make the world a better place. The online social networks we form become entities in themselves, a collective, global brain, capable of some pretty tremendous things we haven’t even scratched the surface of this potential.

3.   We are experiencing accelerating change in technology

The rate of technological advances is increasing at an exponential rate, meaning that the speed at which ideas and information can be transmitted and shared is also accelerating. The mobile industry is a good example with 300% growth every year.

This is creating opportunities for mass collaboration, experimentation, and rapid innovation. It also suggests the need to adopt a non-linear view of the world in order to fully grasp the upcoming implications of technological ‘progress’. Based on this information, it seems the most critical skills for success in the 21st century include the ability to anticipate, plan for, and adapt to change. We need to develop new strategies. Nowmovement is proposing a new approach in this new “social architecture”.  Using crowd knowledge, it will cause a reorientation in the relationship we have to information and the environment, and cause a paradigm shift that would:

* Enable us to develop better strategies for critical thinking
* Facilitate creativity and innovation for sustainable solutions
* Equip us to anticipate and rapidly adapt to change

Over the next few months, we are going to roll out a series of initiatives that will outline potential frameworks for making this happen.

Partners & Collaborations are very welcome!  E-mail info@nowmovement.org